Other Recommended Homes

Hilltop Country Estate

Hilltop Escondido 900px 2 Hilltop Country Estate is a private 10 bed residential care facility for the elderly, licensed by the State of California. It’s located in the serene golf community Hidden Meadows. This assisted living home is spread out over 10 acres and has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valley. Residents can enjoy peaceful walks amongst the many fruit trees or relax in any of the numerous outdoor seating areas. For more information or private tours, please contact Ruby at 858-837-0213 or email dyruby21@aol.com.

Alta Murrieta

1_5497191_42574001 Alta Murrieta is a 6 bed residential care facility for the elderly conveniently located in the Alta Murrieta neighborhood in Murrieta. They provide quality care for 6 ambulatory or non-ambulatory residents who have mild to moderate dementia and frail elderly who may have physical and/or medical challenges that require full care and assistance. Please feel free to call or email for further information or to get on our interest list. 858-837-0213 or email dyruby21@aol.com.