About Villa Monticello

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About Villa Monticello

Villa Monticello Assisted Living is a 29-bed Escondido Assisted Living facility. We provide care for ambulatory or non-ambulatory seniors in various stages of dementia and frail elderly who may have physical and/or medical challenges that require full care and assistance.

At Villa Monticello Assisted Living, we recognize the need to provide individualized care for seniors who have either physical or mental challenges, and in some cases both. This requires a special knowledge, understanding, sensitivity, and commitment to meet their ever-changing level of needs for personal care and supervision.

Our goal and philosophy is centered around supporting the resident’s uniqueness and placing an emphasis on the whole person. Treating each resident with respect and dignity, as well as promoting overall wellbeing, are our top priorities.

Our Program of Care

With the understanding that each resident is unique and each resident requires a different level of care, we take the time to carefully complete a pre-admission assessment prior to accepting any resident in order to create an effective plan of care that will meet their individual and personal needs.

Our plan of care is a collaborative effort between the facility staff, family members, and other interdisciplinary professionals – physical therapists, home health, hospice, etc-  involved in the care of the resident. A post-admission assessment after 30 days is done to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and necessary modifications are implemented as deemed necessary. On an annual basis, we review this plan to ensure each resident continues to receive consistent and quality care.

Nurturing the Mind and Body 

Each day, our residents are gently and safely engaged in mental and physical activities that are stimulating and beneficial for their overall wellbeing. Our activities are personalized to each resident’s interests as well as physical and mental capabilities. Our goal is to help each resident experience enjoyable and meaningful moments everyday.

We strongly believe in the calming power of nature and the healing connection between the residents and their environment. With that in mind, Villa Monticello was designed to provide a nurturing environment that will nourish not just their body, but their mind and soul as well. Villa Monticello sits on roughly 10 acres with views of rolling hills, mature oak trees, palm trees, flowers, and fruit trees. Our residents and their families are free to safely enjoy our green grass lawns, flower gardens, and safe walkways for strolling- all fenced and secured for privacy and security. For relaxing, each bedroom has an outdoor access to patios with views.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Orlando Dy
Phone: (760) 738-1555
Email: info@EscondidoBoardAndCare.com
25695 N. Centre City Parkway
Escondido, CA 92026
Facility Number: 374603462